A Non-Profit to Help Non-Profits

We are a non-profit that happily supports other non-profits.  Each of us is trying to do great things while operating very lean.  Help is always appreciated.  So, in addition to being able to provide you with very affordable 4G LTE wireless Internet service, technology solutions, equipment, and training to support your team and its mission; whenever we can, we will roll up our sleeves along side you to help get something done.

Any non-profit organization is eligible to benefit from our program.  In addition to your non-profit's direct Internet access needs, our savings plan can be extended to your team members and their families, your donors, corporate sponsors and their employees, your volunteers, program beneficiaries, etc.  This benefit can be used to help you say thanks for all they do, and help them remain a valued part of your efforts.

As stated before, by working together we will make the world a much better place.  Please contact us and let's start something amazing!  The sooner the better!

Non-Profit Project and Program Funding Opportunities

As a non-profit built on the belief that we must create sustainable, non-grant dependent programs to survive and thrive, we always want to help other non-profits do the same if they are interested.  That's why we have invested in the development of a variety of non-profit project and program funding models to help raise supportive capital while you work in partnership with us.  

Each organization's needs are different.  Our partner funding models are adaptive.  So, if you have a funding need for an existing or new project or program, additional personnel or resources, please be sure to discuss it with us.  We will share our options with you and outline viable solutions.