Non-profit Program or Project Mini-Grant Application and its members provide mini-grants to help fuel projects and programs aimed at benefiting the greater good of communities.

Projects and programs that address issues facing education, health, the environment, the arts, our cities, and rural communities are key.  We invite your non-profit organization to submit this simple application for a mini-grant.  

Grants range between $500.00 and $2,000.00.  They are targeted to benefit project and program ideas that can show positive results within 90 to 120 days.  The more specific and measurable your goals and objectives are for the mini-grant the better.

Thanks for doing the community-focused work that you do!  Let's get started working together to make the world a better place!  


Please complete the basic mini-grant application below.

Name *
What is the legal and DBA of your not-for-profit organization?
What community, or geographic area benefits?
Please define the name of your project or program.
What is the specific purpose of your community-focused project or program? Why are you doing it? Who, what, or where benefits? Why does it matter?
When do you expect to complete your project? How many days from start to finish?
Please be very specific about this.
Please provide a simple budget outlining how the mini-grant funds will be specifically utilized.
Please let us know if you can begin work immediately upon receipt of a grant, or if there is some ramp up time required before initiation of work.