A Simple Membership Philosophy and Mission

Modern day wireless and information technologies are the tools of the 21st century that empower.  The Internet connects people, communities, and nations to enable progress like never before in history.

As a member of 4GCommunity.org you value access to technology and knowledge that can mobilize change for the better; helping individuals, families, and communities connect and seize their opportunities for progress.  You support social and economic equality.

You believe that in a time of such unprecedented technological progress it is our moment, opportunity, and obligation to future generations to come together and move forward as one greater community. It's time to connect our communities worldwide like never before and work together for a better tomorrow.

It's time to PAY IT FORWARD!

Members value innovation and working together for the greater good.  Members connect to each other, available information and resources, to address issues and solve problems.  Members are not afraid of change, they embrace it, empower it, and force it if necessary.  Members have fun and smile often while they do it! 

Our members aim to better themselves, their families, and the communities they call home.  Our members work for (4) Good (G) Community!

A Membership with Benefits

As a member of 4GCommunity.org you have ongoing access to know-how and technology.  We are here to help you the best we can.  You have access to technology training, planning, and support to help you do what you need to do.  We can connect you to other non-profit resources that may benefit you, your family, school, or community. 

A Membership with Purpose

Your membership in 4GCommunity.org enables investment in non-profit projects and programs addressing issues facing education, health, the environment, the arts, cities, and rural communities to name a few.