21st Century Education Demands Equal Access for All Students and Their Families

Access to the Internet puts the world's libraries of knowledge and academic resources in the palm of your hand. Wireless Internet provides access almost everywhere you want to go, making our cities and towns interactive learning communities, where the history of a downtown can come to life while you are right there enjoying it!

Affordable Internet access for students of all ages and their families is extremely important to ensure students have equal learning and development opportunities.  Having access in the classroom, but not at home, is not acceptable for a student today.  Unfortunately, it is the situation for many more students than you think. 

That's why we offer assistance.  We ensure service affordability and flexibility for all families so they, and their students, can achieve their greatest potential no matter where a learning opportunity may take them. 

Connecting Students, Families, and Schools to Each Other

In addition to the Internet's value as an educational resource and tool, it also provides students and their families with access to tremendous school-based resources to ensure a student's success.  This includes, but is not limited to, providing a direct communications link to school faculty and support staff for assistance in managing a student's academic progress throughout the school year.  Parents and educators can work more easily together to keep students on track when this valuable, interactive communication link exists.

It also provides school administration, faculty, and staff with a direct link to students and their families, providing a robust communications tool for both routine and critically important academic and operational matters.  This can increase efficiency and reduce costs in numerous ways.

Whether you are student, parent, guardian, or educator, contact us today to discuss how we can assist you with your unique needs.

Educational Project and Program Funding Opportunities

As a non-profit built on the belief that we must create sustainable, non-grant dependent programs to survive and thrive, we always want to help other non-profits and educational organizations do the same if they are interested.  That's why we have invested in the development of a variety of non-profit and educational project and program funding models to help you raise supportive capital while working in partnership with us.  

Each organization's or school's needs are different.  Our partner funding models are adaptive.  So, if you have a funding need for an existing or new project or program, additional personnel or resources, please be sure to discuss it with us.  We will share our options with you and outline viable solutions.